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UnderwaterMotion: the Signature Dive DVD Series

Dive the Caymans and Dive Bonaire are now available. The Roatan, Tobermory  and Bonaire II DVD’s are in the editing room, and our bags are packed for Cozumel and the Great Barrier Reef.

Dive the Caymans

The Second release in the Signature series features over two and a half hours of spectacular Cayman scuba through this interactive DVD. George and Terry lead you through thirteen of the most popular sites at one of the world's favorite dive destinations, including the spectacular wreck of the destroyers Keith Tibbetts and the world-famous Stingray City. Loaded with extras, including fish and coral ID, surface vignettes, and a twenty minute introduction to the marine life of the Caymans.

Caymans Video
1:00 minute

cayman Cover

$29.99 USD
shipping charges included

Dive Bonaire

Experience Bonaire through this self-guided DVD. Over 100 minutes of spectacular underwater video invite you to explore twenty one of the most popular sites at the world's number one dive destination. Enhance your diving experience with added features like fish, critter and coral identification for each location. The DVD also features bonus videos, web links and commentary track.

Plan your Bonaire dive trip, revisit your favorite dive sites, or simply enjoy some of the world’s most stunning coral and marine life.

Bonaire Video
3:00 minutes

Roatan Cover

$29.99 USD
shipping charges included

Site Tour, Fish Identification and Bonus Bits

  • Karpata
  • Playa Funchi
  • Ol'Blue
  • Jeff Davis
  • Klien Bonaire
  • Margate Bay
  • Salt Pier
  • Oil Slick Leap
  • Windjammer
  • 1,000 Steps
  • Andrea 1 &2       
  • Reef Scientifico
  • Hilma Hooker
  • Pink Beach 
  • Front Porch
  • Windsock
  • Angel City
  • Vista Blue
  • Bachelors Beach
  • Red Slave
  • Night Dive


Roatan Cover    
Roatan Video
0:32 seconds
Join us on Roatan, one of the legendary Bay Islands of Honduras famous for its walls, wrecks and marine life. You’ll experience the Spooky Channel, Mary’s Place, the Chimneys, the Missing Link, Calvin’s Crack and more of Roatan’s signature dives.   Wreck lovers will enjoy the magnificent 140 foot Prince Albert and Roatan’s newest artificial reef, the 300 foot long Odyssey.  Dive Roatan also features some special underwater guests - dolphins from the Dolphin Research Center at Anthony’s Key


Tobermory Cover    
Tobermory Video
0:32 seconds

Located on Georgian Bay in the heart of the Fathom Five National Marine Park, Tobermory is the wreck diving capital of Canada. You’ll find out why the Bay is renowned for its great wrecks, stunning visibility and local hospitality. Dive Tobermory guides you through some of Canada’s most popular and historic wrecks, including the James C King, the Wetmore, the Scoville, Charles P. Minch, the Caroline Rose, the Sweepstakes, the Niagara II, and Toberbmory’s signature dive, the Arabia.

Bonaire II

Bonaire 2 Cover    
Bonaire 2 Video
0:34 seconds
We just couldn’t stay away! Dive Bonaire II returns to the world’s most popular shore dive destination with more great sites, including several surprises off the beaten track. You’ll visit the Blue Hole, Witch’s Hut, the Lighthouse, and the 18th Palm, and tour the incredible Mangrove Swamp where it all begins.  More video, more fish, and more great memories.

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